Who Buys Moon Land?

    Moon Land Owners!Who buys extraterrestrial land?

    Any and Every person can become a Moon Land Owner! No matter what your zip code, from one to hundreds of acres of EXTRATERRESTRIAL LAND can be purchased by you. Previous clients of Lunar Land have been United States Presidents, Movie and Television Stars and most of all your Family and Friends. The Lunar Land Registry represents the Next Generation to create the newest homestead.

    Moon Land has also been purchased by large corporations for investment property as well as gifts for their clients. There is an endless list of Doctors, Lawyers, Policemen and many employees of the NASA who have taken the plunge into space real estate. Many of our customers have returned to purchase different parcels of land; with Moon Land being the most popular. The Moon can be seen from earth, leaving people to believe dreams can become a reality. Owning a piece of solar property will set you apart from the average real estate holder!

    Lunar Land have become the forerunners in the sale of extraterrestrial land. Many have attempted to follow this path without having any legal claim, remember the Lunar Land is the ONE and ONLY, the REAL DEAL and most of all TRUSTWORTHY! Your land will always be registered with Lunar Land Registry and the International Association Of Human Planetary Exploration (IAOHPE) also having copies of your Deed and land location. Other lunar companies are operating without the proper authority, requesting payment for unauthorized products. It is possible to see when our imposters have registered their Domain Name, most likely it is RECENTLY! LunarLandOwner.com (Lunar Land Owner) was our first website, registered in 1999. In 2010 the sister site was up dated to the LunarLand.com (Lunar Land) also now being represented by LunarLandOwner.com. Also BuyMars.com (Planet Mars)To assure authenticity always look for the proper seal of approval...Lunar Land seal!